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Christy’s passion for real estate began when she and her husband purchased their condominium at 68th and Broadway in New York City. Unfortunately, due to a corporate relocation, they were never able to enjoy its nearby attractions and views up Broadway and Columbus. After returning to the Bay Area in 1999, Christy and her husband, a Los Altos native, decided to settle down in Los Altos. “We were drawn to Los Altos for its outstanding schools, friendly community, quaint downtown, and nearby open space.”

Mountain View

Once covered in orchards and vineyards, Mountain View began as a stagecoach stop and an agricultural center for the lush Santa Clara Valley. The City is home to approximately 70,000 residents and to many nationally and internationally known corporations such as Google, LinkedIn, Symantec, and Intuit. In recent years, the City of Mountain View has developed some of the finest recreation facilities the Bay Area has to offer including an innovative regional park from reclaimed landfill.

Mountain View's downtown Castro Street has become one of the most vibrant downtowns on the peninsula with many startups calling it home. The local restaurants and shops have benefitted from the virtuous cycle of increased lunch, dinner, and happy hour traffic.  The proximity to the Caltrain station and connection to VTA makes Mountain View an ideal spot for employees that don't want to drive to work. Caltrain's baby bullet service stops in Mountain View and provides a short 45 minute trip to and from San Francisco during peak hours.

Mountain View is home to the Computer History Museum, Moffett Field, and the Nasa Ames Research Center. These are symbols of the past, present, and future technology within the area. Mountain View has had a long history as the center of semiconductor manufacturing but the manufacturing has since left the area and multi-family housing has filled its place. For those looking for the arts, the Mountain View Performing Arts Center is an incredible venue to view a show.  The city closes off Castro Street for art and wine festivals throughout throughout throughout summer for a Thursday night concert series.

The schools in Mountain View have been steadily improving over the last 10-15 years. Google's continued support of technology initiatives in the community and local schools has helped with this improvement. The schools located in the 94040 and 94041 zip codes are typically considered the best schools in the area, but the northern schools within the Mountain View Whisman School District are quickly catching up. At the high school level, students are assigned to the Mountain View-Los Altos High School District and attend either Mountain View or Los Altos High School based on their residence address. There are some areas in the 94040 zip code that are assigned to the Los Altos school district, and homes in this area typically command a premium.

There are three zip codes that serve the majority of the residences in Mountain View: 94040, 94041 and 94043. Below is the historical market data for the city separated by zip code.

Mountain View (94040) Home Prices
& Days on Market

Mountain View (94040) Price Per Square Foot

Mountain View (94041) Median Home Prices
& Days on Market

Mountain View (94041) Price Per Square Foot
& Number of Sales

Mountain View (94043) Median Home Prices
& Days on Market

Mountain View (94043) Price Per Square Foot

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